THESSALONIKI CITY TOUR (approx. 30 km / estim. duration 09.30-14.00)
Meet us at the pickup point near to your hotel and begin the sightseeing tour of Thessaloniki. You will have the opportunity to see the White Tower and the main landmarks of the city, such as the Galerius Arch, the Rotonda monument, the Old Town (Ano Poli) and the City Walls, where you will be able to admire the marvelous view of Thessaloniki! We will visit the Agios Demetrius Byzantine church and its crypt, and you will also have the opportunity to visit the Archaeological Museum. Return to your hotel’s nearest drop off point.

THESSALONIKI WALKING & FOOD TOUR (estim. duration 9:00 – 16:00)
Through the panoramic tour you will have the opportunity to see the White Tower and the main landmarks of the city, such as the Galerius Arch, the Rotonda monument, the Old Town (Ano Poli) and the City Walls, from where you will be able to admire the marvelous view of Thessaloniki! Drop off the bus and follow our experienced guide in a walking journey through the history, culture and gastronomy of the city. Taste unique flavors such as traditional Greek coffee, accompanied by our traditional “Koulouri” and our cream pie “Bougatsa”. The picturesque old town sets an ideal background, while you walk down the city center. Visit the Byzantine church of Agios Dimitrios and continue your tour through the historical “Kapani Market. Learn about the rich gastronomy of the city and discover yourself the flavors and aromas. Walk through the lively center, with its hidden gems and finish this experience with a local meal in Ladadika square, the meeting place for food in the city!

SAILING DAY (estim. duration 10:15-15:45)
Discover Thessaloniki from the sea. Join us in a beautiful and luxurious boat for a 4hour cruise in Thessaloniki Bay that you will not forget! Trip will start from the Old Port, we will see Aristotelous Square, the old town of Eptapyrgio, the White Tower and the O.T.E. Tower, the most important sightseeing of Thessaloniki, our town! A fruit salad and a bottle of wine are offered throughout the cruise.

METEORA (approx.240 km per way/ estim. duration 07.30-19.00)
A highlight of your stay in Greece will be a visit to the Meteora Monasteries. Meteora is a geological miracle, which one should see for himself in order to believe. Nowadays, only six monasteries are well preserved and four of them are still inhabited. We shall visit 2 of these fabulous monasteries, built high upon the steep rocks. Each monastery owns a vast richness of frescoes and icons. Afterwards, we will make our lunch break in Kalambaka. Return to the city of Thessaloniki.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: For entering the monasteries of Meteora, appropriate clothing is required. The entrance for ladies is only allowed in skirt or dress, under the knee, shoulder and belly covered. Men in long trousers.

MT. ATHOS CRUISE (approx. 120km per way/ estim. duration 7.00-19.00)
The first part of the program begins with a transfer by bus to Ormos Panagias, situated in N-E of the Sithonia peninsula in Chalkidiki. From this seaport, we will go on with our journey, sailing towards the south of the Athos Peninsula, until we reach the south limit, where the highest point is 2.033 m. From here we shall sail north, along the western coast. You will be able to see from a close distance (from the boat), the mysterious and miraculous place which has been for centuries the center of Orthodoxy and you will find out new information about the history of Mount Athos and 8 of its monasteries. After approximately 4 hours we shall stop in Ouranoupoli, where you will have enough free time to discover the village, to take a walk, to shop or to have a traditional meal in one of the taverns there. On our way, back from Ouranoupoli, the boat will sail to the west, to Ormos Panagias and for 1 hour and a half you will watch a wonderful program with traditional dances and Greek music. The cruise will finish in Ormos Panagias, where the bus will be waiting for your drive back to Thessaloniki.

Visit to Seikilo – ancient Greek mythology
(Vasileos Irakleiou 4, 1st floor);

Learn about ancient Greek mythology, Apollo and Hermes, about the different types of ancient Greek lyres (Chelys, Barbiton, Sambuca, Phorminx etc) and the enhanced vibrato mechanism of the Kithara of the Golden Age! Traditional modern instruments such as the Bouzouki, Baglama and Bendir are also available. Ancient Greek board games (Petteia of Achilles, Enneadi of the Propylaia and more) will also be presented during this unique tour that will last one hour and is going to take place inclusively the participant of the Veterinary Congress in Thessaloniki.

The ticket costs 15 euros per person and can be booked through Paypal or Bank Account transfer. Tickets will be also available at the entrance. For more information contact info@seikilo.com or call 0030 6981175235 (Theodoros Koumartzis).

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